Lose Weight but Not Your Breasts by Exercising: tips for women

Exercising with the goal of losing weight has fabulous effects on your muscles. Your leg, arm, abdominal muscles will get toned and you will look fabulous. Unfortunately your chest might not look as you want because of all the physical activity you do. You might be amazed to find out that your breasts are actually smaller after exercising and losing weight.

You want a flat belly, stunning legs and a deep waistline. But you also want your breasts to remain the same. Few women want to have smaller breasts. Usually they want bigger more appealing breasts. Some even use surgery to get bigger breasts. It would be a shame to lose your beautiful breasts in your weight loss journey. Working out frequently can make your breasts shrink.

It is true that your breasts might become smaller after exercising but your breasts could also become even bigger after exercising too. The side effect of exercising on your breasts are irreversible. Your breasts are made out of fat and tissues without any muscles in them. The movements you do while exercising stretches the tissue that gives the form of your breasts, making your breasts a little saggy. In time the sagginess might increase and make your breasts look fess firm and attractive.

Because your breasts don’t have any muscles in them you cannot work them out to make the more firm and toned. The only solution out there is to use a bra specially designed for working out. You need a sports bra that will give your breasts all the support making it possible for you to avoid ever having saggy breasts.


Most of the problems that appear in the breast area during exercising is due to the fact that women wear the wrong kind of bras while working out. Even if your breast aren’t that big you should make sure they get all the support they need while working out. Having small saggy breasts isn’t something to desire. Some experts recommend you use sports bras even when you are cleaning around the house. Believe it or not but housekeeping is a pretty good way to exercise.

A good top for working out is one that feels just like a second skin. A bra good for working out must offer you support, be the right size for your breasts and have adjusting straps. The more you can adjust the bra the more you will be able to use it in time.

After starting to workout you will notice that your breasts are the first part of your body to show the signs of weight loss. Take into consideration the fact that your breasts will change their size depending on the time in the month of your menstrual cycle. So you might need more than one workout bra with different sizes.

Another annoying effect of exercising that some women have to confront is a sore nipple after exercising. All the movement makes the nipple rub on the fabric next to it making it sore. A bra with a cup containing cotton and using a hydrating cream will help protect your breasts.

You should continue exercising. Many studies show that exercising reduces the risk of breast cancer. Just use a good bra that supports your breasts.

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